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My family and I are hound-lovers. Ironic because my mother swore up and down when I was growing up that the first dog we would own would be a German Shepard. Controversially, my father said it would be a Golden Retriever. Instead, we got Abbey.

Naturally, we all fell in love with the goofy-hound personality. Except my brother, who still swears he’s a cat-person. Plus, there’s something real comforting about hearing that bell-like howl. So, of course, when I grew up and moved away, my first choice in dog was also a hound

I often find myself perusing the adoptable dog’s page, even though I’m not in a position to adopt another dog. So instead, I send my father links to all the dogs I like the best. My parents are empty-nesters now and own a five be room house, it’s not like they don’t have the room! But my dad always said “no more dogs”. 

Until I sent them this picture.

She’s a little redbone that melted my dad’s heart. And she became “his girl”. They named her Leccia, which turns out to be a type of fish, a brand of tabacco, and a wine Vineyard in Italy. So essentially all of my dad’s vices rolled into one name.

My mom calls her Gumby- because some times she appears to be more liquid than dog. My dad likes to say she’s a really cute package to hide her sharp teeth. She has two modes -energizer bunny, and cuddle bug. 

Still – I think they’re starting to love having her around.


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