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Everybody else enjoy their Super Bowl weekend? I did, but not for football related reasons. I went to visit my parents in Colorado this weekend, and enjoyed a little ski vacation. Not that I needed to have left the PNW to get snow. Seems recently that mother nature has been hitting us hard. And Portland? Yeah, not real snow-ready. 

A few weeks ago, we literally had snow-pocolips descend. About six inches of snow. Now being the CO girl I am, I didn’t think anything of it. Please, I went to college in Boulder. Where the roads were left untreated due to environmental concerns. How much could six inches really do?

Turns out – shut a whole city down for a week.

I have a zippy little green CR-V, and we were mostly fine. Even with six inches of snow packed on the roads, we were both savvy enough to have zero slide-out. Because I work in finance, the office remained open (if the stock market is open, then so are we!). And I got to and from work just fine. But the rest of the city-complete lock down. 

In Oregon, it was required that all drivers have chains on their tires because the roads were so bad. All the school districts were closed for six days. Church cancelled service on Sunday. Two friends and I decided to ignore these warnings and head downtown to see a theater showing of Singin’ In The Rain (brought to you by Regal Cinema. Sorry -we’re theater junkies.). It  was the most harrowing car- ride of my life. 

What had been six inches of packed snow in my little suburban neighborhood had become six inches of sheer ice downtown. My friend’s car has a sensor that tells her when she starts to slide, and it was flashing like crazy.  We had to pull over on the one-ramp of I-5 so she could regain control of the car.

I remember at one point, having to just hand my fears over to God. I kept praying He would let us get home safely (promising never to laugh at Portland’s hysteria around winter weather again). And He did. 

But now Puxatoni Phil has seen his shadow and promised six more weeks of this stuff. Well, at least there was a long enough break to let me catch my flight out of there for a while. Although, it was to a land with more snow.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27, NIV


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