The Pacific Northwest is known for rainy winters. Last year was relatively mild; with little rain and warm temperatures. I was told that I was being spoiled – not to expect the moderate weather every year. This was good advice.

This year has definitely been wetter. I think in December we only had three or four days of dry weather. I’ve stopped carrying an umbrella, waterproof boots and jackets have become my new outerwear of choice – rain is just a part of life. It doesn’t stop the chores and errands that need to be done. Winnie and I have learned to bundle up, but we still enjoy our walks – even if they are soggy.

We’ve had a few nice days to kick off 2016. Clear, blue skies. But the temperatures have been cold, and a fierce wind has been blowing the last few days. Even though it isn’t raining, I’m still wearing my rain boots everywhere. They’re comfortable, and easy to slip on.

So this morning, when Winnie finally convinced me to get out of bed to go on a walk, I didn’t think to look outside. It was supposed to be clear for a few more days. But, because its become my habit, I still put on my waterproof jacket and my rain boots. I didn’t put Winnie in her jacket – since we were just going on a quick potty walk.

The snow caught me by surprise.

When I lived in the Rockies, I was used to snow. Much like I have become used to rain over the last few months. Chores and errands were still done; I just learned to drive more carefully. But here in the Pacific Northwest – this is the first real snowfall of the season. Oh – the mountains have been getting snow since November. But all of my ski gear is at my parent’s house. This is the first time its come into town though.

I kind of want to just curl up on the coach with a mug of hot cocoa or tea, read a book, and just enjoy the snow from the warmth of my home. And maybe I will. But only after I finished the chores and errands that still have to be done.





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