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I love fall!

The cooler weather, the spiced apple cider, pumpkins, holidays… I could go on and on!

I even love Halloween. Strange for a number of reasons. I know there’s controversy about weather Christians should celebrate Halloween – since its origin is pagan. But honestly? I think of it more as an American tradition than a pagan holiday. Plus – its a good time to interact with the community and creates opportunities for fellowship. And I kinda like the excuse to dress in wacky costumes. Stranger reason still for me to like Halloween? I have masklophobia – that would be a fear of mascots. But that doesn’t stop me from liking Halloween! I just have to be extra vigilant about what costumes people are wearing around me.

This Halloween it rained buckets – literally flooded the street outside of my house. I volunteer at the Humane Society on the weekends – and even the dogs were like “yeah – we’re not going to walk in that”. So I didn’t have any trick-or-treaters. Sadly, this has lead to an excess of candy in my life. I brought my extra candy to work – in the hopes of getting rid of it – but was confronted with the fact that everybody else at my office had the same idea! We’ve just been swimming in candy! And today? I opened the mail box and found my god mother had sent me even more candy!

I know this is only the start of the “feasting”. Next up is Thanksgiving – and I usually end up getting invited to 2 or 3 of these. My bible study is already talking about hosting a potluck the week before Thanksgiving. My great aunt and uncle have already invited me to their place for the 26th – and my extended family has a “family dinner” the Saturday after Thanksgiving every year! I’ll just be rolling in food this month!

Of course – December will hardly be any better. My aunt has a huge “cookie bake” the first weekend of December – I bring home literally hundreds of cookies. The office is sure to be spilling cookies too! And then there’s the traditional Christmas Eve and Christmas dinners.

Luckily, this is also the season of bulky sweaters.


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