It’s been pretty crazy around here the past couple of weeks. This is mostly due to work. Usually, the sales department  goes on a short break after June (our company’s fiscal year end). Which means my department, in charge of on-boarding new clients, gets some quiet time.

This has not been the case this last few months.

Partly, this is due to the additional responsibilities I have recently been assigned. Because I? Am crazy. And just when I’m comfortable I ask for more work. I think I like being challenged (until I am – then I go a little crazy).

I’m a gal that likes my “task managers” to be empty by the end of the day. I have been known to stick around late in order to make sure this is the case. My manager? Is not a fan of this work ethic. Not to say she doesn’t appreciate my work ( I just got a glowing 1-year review – just to brag a little). But when  I stay late – she has to too. And thus puts a crimp in everyone’s evening plans. Also, our company firmly believes in restricting our hours to 50 a week (high in every other industry but shockingly low for investment firms/banks). I break this by about 15 minutes every day – and I have been encouraged to take the work-life balance more seriously.

And yet, work has never been more satisfying. I’m proud of the more complicated situations I’ve been able to deal with. My work has started to be noticed, people have started thanking me for the care and attention I take. Though the work I’m doing is harder (in some aspects) I also like what I’m doing better.

This entire post sounds a bit like a long soliloquy of personal praise. But this post in more of a reminder to myself. There are periods of time when there will be struggle. There will be times when life or work is hard. But, depending on the perspective I take, I can also change my perspective in order to enjoy the challenges that I’m faced with. I can also remember that life goes through seasons, and I’ll enjoy some more than others.

Right now, I’m enjoying the season. Instead of looking forward, looking for the next thing, looking for the next goal to meet, I’m going to take this time to enjoy what I’m doing.

I encourage you to do the same.


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